June 22, 2018

US Investment Report: In a Nutshell

I'm Steve Quickel, editor of US Investment Report since its startup in 1985. I am delighted that you want to know more about us and how we serve growth-oriented investors who like to call their own shots.

Here, in a nutshell, is what you'll get in each tri-weekly issue of USIR and our weekly hotline updates between issues.

Timely ideas are my stock-in-trade. Sent your way in a steady flow of stock picks and portfolio recommendations. Presented in a logical easy-to-follow format. Backed by supporting data to help you make well-reasoned, risk-averse decisions.

My strategic objectives are clear-cut--to help investors maximize long-term growth and minimize risk. To accomplish these twin goals, I focus strictly on:

  • Stocks of market share leaders in rapid growth industries
  • Stocks with superior long-term earnings potential and unrecognized value
  • Concentrated portfolios protected by disciplined defensive safeguards.

These principles, applied through up and down markets, have enabled USIR to outperform the market for many years--including the following annualized returns for our model portfolios during the past five years.

Click here for quarter-by-quarter comparison of USIR portfolios versus the major market averages from 1987 to present.

Wealth of Fresh Ideas

I publish my advice in a user-friendly five-part format, jargon-free and with an emphasis on clarity. Here is what you will find in each issue of USIR:

  • Market Commentary – about current trends and likely new developments
  • Growth Portfolios – now with updates of positioning and performance
  • Recommended List – buy/sell/hold ratings, target prices, and loss limits on my 50 to 75 favorite stocks
  • New Recommendations – my newest stock picks and why you should consider buying them
  • Valuation Scorecard – price, P/E and PEG trends of stocks I think are compelling bargains.

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Three High-performance Model Portfolios

For my subscribers, I manage three model portfolios under closely simulated real-time conditions.

I execute transactions at prevailing market prices on specified dates. Purchases are announced in advance so subscribers can emulate them. Stop-loss limits are set for every stock and executed as triggered by market action.

Each portfolio is concentrated in 12 to 15 leading growth stocks, across 8-10 fastest growing industry sectors. All three consistently outpaced the market in both bullish and bearish times.

The makeup of the portfolios varies by company size, growth rate and risk level, as follows:

  • Conservative Growth Portfolio – Large-cap stocks expected to maintain above average earnings growth, trading at moderate price multiples with low volatility.
  • Growth Leaders Portfolio – Sector-leading stocks of all sizes with well above-average earnings growth and reasonable price multiples relative to rapid growth.
  • Emerging Growth Portfolio – Smaller cap stocks with rapid profit growth in cutting-edge sectors, trading at reasonable multiples relative to growth rates.

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Proven Long-Term Strategy

To boost returns while controlling risk, I focus on leading growth stocks. Here’s why:

  • These companies control product development, pricing and distribution in the fastest growing industries.
  • They have strong profit margins, rapid and consistent earnings growth, and resistance to economic downturns.

Independent Stock Selection

Recent experience taught investors to avoid overvalued momentum stocks and to view Wall Street research with skepticism.

US Investment Report has always been an independent publication free of ties to investment banks, brokerages and any other companies. My recommendations are based solely on my own research.

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Weekly Update Hotlines

Each week between our regular issues we send online subscribers updates of our market commentary, recommended stocks and model portfolios. We send Special Hotlines when conditions warrant. The hotlines are free with your online subscription to US Investment Report.

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